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SmartCall Phone Integration

Easily connect SuperOffice CRM & CS with all types of phones within Telenor, Unifon, Phonero, Telia and Talkmore Business Phone Networks.

About this app

Nettsoft SmartCall CTI improves efficiency and offers a better user experience by adding smart calling functionality to SuperOffice CRM and SuperOffice Customer Services. The click-to-call functionality allows you to simply click on a phone number in SuperOffice and place a call – saving you time entering phone numbers.

SmartCall automatically opens contact card, lookup cases or starting activity with incoming calls from any mobile, IP-phone or Microsoft Teams phone system connected to business phone network/Bedriftsnett.

When you receive a phone call, the app displays a toast on your screen with the caller and other data information from SuperOffice. At wish, the corresponding contact card and/or service case will open in SuperOffice CRM og CS. So you can start customer care, saving time searching for the customer. If the caller is unknown, the app toast will show you the caller’s name as listed in the Opplysningen 1881 public directory. With this information, you can easily create new contacts in SuperOffice CRM and save time on registering new customers.

SmartCall also includes an ad-free directory search from Opplysningen 1881 that will present data you can use to create new customers more easily in SuperOffice CRM.

Try it free for 60 days; no commitment required.

Key features

  • Click-to-call – Start a phone call directly from SuperOffice CRM or any app on your computer, reducing time and call errors.
  • Contact integration with SuperOffice CRM displays SuperOffice CRM business or person contact card when a registered customer calls, helping you improve customer service.
  • Display additional data from SuperOffice CRM gives you preferred information on the customer without having to open SuperOffice CRM.
  • Display service incidents from SuperOffice Service when a registered customer calls.
  • Automated phone diary activity – choose to auto-create activities in your SuperOffice CRM diary for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Automatic lookup of unknown callers displays information from the Opplysningen 1881 public directory to show the name of unknown and potential customers, helping you create new contacts in SuperOffice CRM faster.
  • Includes Directory Search from Opplysningen 1881 that shows all essential business information for companies ( and lets you easily create new customers in SuperOffice CRM.
  • Easy installation – a simple set-up wizard gets you up and running in minutes.

What’s new

  • Works with any phone connected to business phone network/bedriftsnett from Telenor, Unifon, Phonero, Telia and Talkmore using API connections.

Price information

The following price is per month, additional pay-per-use fees applies:


  • NOK 68 per user per month. (counting active SmartCall installations).


  • Unifon Bedriftsnett: Included.
  • Telenor Mobilt Bedriftsnett/MBN: Included with limitation*.
  • Phonero Bedriftsnett: Contact the operator.
  • Telia Bedriftsnett: Contact the operator.
  • Talkmore Bedriftsnett: Included with limitation*
  • Other phone operators: Contact vendor.

* Only SuperOffice lookup. No click-to-call do to limitation determined by phone operator.

On top of the monthly costs, there is a one-time startup fee of NOK 2.900 including configuration and product training.

More than 25 users? Let’s talk. Contact our friendly sales team.


Developing and consultancy services are available for adaptions. Contact the vendor.

Terms & Conditions

  • Try it free for 60 days; no commitment required.
  • Minimum order amount NOK 340 per month (5 users).

SuperOffice CRM Plan

  • All user plans.

Getting started

  1. Click the green button to get started.
  2. Fill out the form and submit. You will receive an email with a license key and download/install instruction.
  3. If you have general administrator rights in SuperOffice CRM, you can install SmartCall on your computer as instructed in the email.
  4. The first time SmartCall starts, it logs automatically into SuperOffice CRM. Make sure that the user has SuperOffice CRM administrator’s rights for approving the app.
  5. Install SmartCall for all users. (your IT department can distribute the software and settings to all clients using their preferred deployment tools).
  6. Nettsoft AS provides remote first-time installation help and training for the superuser or the IT department.

System Requirements

  • Business phone network/bedriftsnett agreement with Telenor, Unifon, Phonero, Telia or Talkmore.

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