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SharePoint Documents

Enjoy effective document collaboration and information sharing with SharePoint

About this app

With the SuperOffice SharePoint document integration, you can store the documents and emails you’ve created in SuperOffice CRM in your SharePoint repository. This allows everyone in the company to save, access, and share important documents quickly.

Whether it’s a proposal, contract, project document, quote, image, or email – you can store, view, or share any document related to a customer relation in your SuperOffice CRM database.

By downloading and installing SuperOffice Web Tools, you can automatically open documents and emails on your computer, where you can then edit and save them back in SuperOffice CRM.

This ability to easily manage documents and access up-to-date information at all times helps SuperOffice CRM users to always stay on top of their relationships with customers and prospects.

However, more and more companies are working in the cloud because of all the new capabilities and benefits it offers. Not surprisingly, businesses opt for the cloud-based tools available in Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace to create documents. They also employ more advanced tools like Microsoft SharePoint to store, share and work with documents.

If your company already uses or plans to use SharePoint and SuperOffice CRM, a document can live in two separate places. So, how do you know where to store or who has access to your documents?

To resolve this, we have created a solution – SuperOffice SharePoint document integration. When you enable the SharePoint integration in your SuperOffice CRM, you’ll be able to automatically store all documents created in SuperOffice CRM in your SharePoint repository. In other words, you replace the default SuperOffice CRM document archive and use your SharePoint site instead.

Integrating SharePoint with SuperOffice CRM means you only need one system to manage your documents since both applications save documents in the same place. No need to waste time looking for important information and where it is saved.

Key features

  • Transparent document collaboration and information sharing across your entire organization.
  • Create and store documents easily without worrying where the documents are located.
  • Ability to work together on the same document at the same time, share documents with anyone, and have access to older versions of the document.
  • Possibility to work with SuperOffice CRM documents on any device.
  • No need to install SuperOffice Web Tools or other locally installed software on a client computer.
  • Access to more advanced options to control who has access to your documents in SharePoint.
  • Use SuperOffice documents fields (metadata) to transfer as document properties and create views, search or group by these fields in SharePoint.

What’s new

  • New step in Configuration Wizard to test CRM Compatibility.
  • Create your SharePoint documents from Mobile CRM.
  • Share SuperOffice SharePoint documents as links or attachments in e-mails or via apps.

Price information

The app is being provided free of charge; limitations could apply.

Terms & Conditions

SuperOffice CRM Plan

  • All user plans.

Getting started

  1. Click the green button to explore on how to get started.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft 365 for Business subscription.
  • All users must use “Sign in with Microsoft” in SuperOffice CRM Online, using AAD (Azure Active Directory) Authentication of users (see IDP authentication).
  • A SharePoint document library (for storing documents).

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