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Visma Global Sync

Work more efficiently and give your customers a better service by connecting SuperOffice CRM with your Visma Global ERP system.

About this app

Visma Global Sync lets you connect your cloud-based SuperOffice CRM with your Visma Global. It will synchronize customer data and present key financial information, such as invoice data or outstanding orders, in SuperOffice CRM.

  • When you integrate data from your ERP solution with SuperOffice CRM, you will enjoy:
  • Big savings on time: no more searching for customer data in more than one system and no need to learn or update two systems.
  • Improved working experience: respond and act on customer dealings with a full 360-degree view of the customer in one place.
  • Better data quality: update customer data one time only, as new information is automatically synchronized to the other system. Less room for errors and out-of-date information.

Meanwhile, your customers will benefit from:

  • Faster response times: because your people have easy access to relevant information.
  • Better and more informed customer service: because they can act on the full information instead of assumptions or guesswork.
  • Greater customer experiences: less data errors improves the overall experience and trust in your company.

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Key features

  • Connect existing SuperOffice CRM contacts to your Visma Global customer/supplier lists.
  • Create a new Visma Global customer/supplier from within SuperOffice CRM.
  • Connect existing SuperOffice CRM contacts to Visma Global contacts.
  • Create new Visma Global contacts from within SuperOffice CRM.
  • View transactional data from Visma Global for any customer/supplier/project in SuperOffice CRM.

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SuperOffice CRM Plan

  • All user plans.

Getting started

  1. Click Sign Up and accept terms and conditions to confirm your purchase.
  2. Confirm that you allow this app to access SuperOffice CRM Online.
  3. Follow the instructions of the provisioning website and your app will automatically be set up for you.

System Requirements

  • The app (connector) is hosted on-Site in a windows service using Azure Service Bus Relay for communication with Keyforce online environment.
  • You will have to download and install a local service which runs on a server that has access to your ERP-system.

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