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Synchronizer for SuperOffice

Keep your Microsoft Outlook or Google calendar items in sync with SuperOffice CRM.

About this app

Keep appointments, tasks, and contacts in sync between your Microsoft Outlook or Google calendar and SuperOffice CRM using this cloud-based calendar integration solution.

Synchronizer for SuperOffice CRM can synchronize appointments, tasks, contacts, and invites to meetings you create and maintain, whether you're at your desk or working remotely from your mobile device. It allows you to share your SuperOffice CRM calendar with people who don't use SuperOffice CRM in your organization.

Key features

  • 100% cloud-based, nothing is required to install.
  • Two-way synchronization of appointments and tasks.
  • Contacts automatically synchronized based on appointments.
  • Outlook categories/colors synchronization supported.
  • All types of appointments and tasks are supported, e.g., private, recurring, invites, etc.

What’s new

  • SuperOffice CRM video meeting functionality, both in and outgoing, is supported. See this video for more information.
  • SuperOffice CRM resource synchronisation. See this article for more information.

Price information

The following price is per month, based on a yearly subscription and the number of SuperOffice CRM users:


  • € 5,49 per user per month.

In addition to the EURO, prices are available in NOK, SEK, DKK, GBP, and CHF. See all prices in more detail.

Terms & Conditions

  • Subscriptions are sold via SuperOffice or your SuperOffice partner.
  • See the terms of service for more information.

SuperOffice CRM Plan

  • All user plans.

Getting started

  1. Click the green button to get started.
  2. Follow the online instructions and use your SuperOffice CRM Admin credentials to approve the app within your SuperOffice environment.
  3. After you have followed the online wizard, which guides you through the configuration, your calendar(s) will be kept in sync.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange or Google Workspace (G Suite).
  • See the details of supported Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Google Workplace environments.
  • Microsoft 365 home and personal accounts are not supported.

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