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SuperOffice for Mailchimp

Sync leads and contacts so you can connect with them using Mailchimp's marketing tools.

About this app

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you manage and talk to your clients, customers, and other interested parties. With the free SuperOffice CRM for Mailchimp app, you can use SuperOffice CRM for advanced segmenting and Mailchimp to send out beautiful emails. Transfer SuperOffice CRM selections to Mailchimp with a click of a button.

Get this free SuperOffice for Mailchimp app and reach your customers and grow your business!

Key features

  • Send SuperOffice CRM selection members directly to different Mailchimp audiences.
  • Consent settings from both SuperOffice CRM and Mailchimp are taken into account.
  • SuperOffice CRM and Mailchimp user-defined fields supported.

Price information

The app is being provided free of charge; limitations could apply.

Terms & Conditions

SuperOffice CRM Plan

  • All user plans.

Getting started

  1. Click the green button to get started.
  2. Follow the online instructions and use your SuperOffice CRM Admin credentials to approve the app within your SuperOffice CRM environment.
  3. Configure the connection to your Mailchimp environment.

System Requirements

  • A free or paid Mailchimp subscription.

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