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SuperOffice Mobile CRM

Get data and functionality at your fingertips with the SuperOffice CRM app designed for version 9 or later.

About this app

SuperOffice Mobile CRM app gives you access to your entire CRM system anywhere anytime.

Schedule or reschedule meetings and activities, communicate to colleagues or save new information – all while on the go.

Make informed decisions faster and easier from wherever you are and see your productivity peak!

Key features

  • Access all CRM data - including contacts, projects, sales and documents.
  • View sales dashboards and pipelines and update information on the go.
  • Access diaries and create new appointments and activities.
  • Get reminders of upcoming events or meetings.
  • Scan business cards and automatically save or update contact and company information.
  • Call or message any contact directly from the app.
  • See any updates on your projects.
  • Save pictures and documents directly from your smartphone or tablet to your projects and activities.
  • Immediately know who's calling with caller ID.
  • Join video meetings on your device.
  • View all dashboards.

What’s new

  • Be able to drill down on the data in many of your dashboards.
  • Connect a request to a Sale or Project.

Price information

The app is being provided free of charge; limitations could apply.

Terms & Conditions

SuperOffice CRM Plan

  • All user plans.

Getting started

  1. Select one of the external App Stores.
  2. Follow the instructions to configure it.
  3. Log in and start using the app.

System Requirements

  • SuperOffice CRM with version 9.1 or later.
  • Android OS with version 9 or later.
  • IOS version 13.4 or later.

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