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Custom App

Create your own customizations and integrations.

About this app

In addition to the standard apps available in the App Store, you have the option of creating customizations and custom integrations for your SuperOffice CRM solution.

To do so, you need to subscribe to Development Tools, which is a collection of tools that let you, or your partner, to:

  1. Customize SuperOffice CRM by adding extra tables, screens, and by creating new scripts.
  2. Use the API tools to create a customized integration linking your SuperOffice CRM solution with another system whether cloud or onsite. This can be either a totally new integration to a solution you currently use and specific to you, or it may also a customized version of a standard app available in the App Store.

Sign-up and get your unique client ID (app ID) and client secret (app token).

For each customized integration you want to add to your solution, you also require a unique client ID and secret. (Using Expander Services to customize SuperOffice Service with extra tables, screens or customize by using CRM Scripts do not require you to register and get an client ID and secret. This is only necessary when you want to create one-off customizations using the APIs).

The client ID and secret function like a key identifying your customization and you use them to authorize your Custom App to work with your SuperOffice CRM solution.

To get your keys, submit the form available in the Sign Up button and we will register you as an application developer. In return, you will get access to our developer portal where you may register your application and access to our SuperOffice CRM development environment and your own test installation where you can develop, explore and test your customized integration.

You can create as many Custom Apps as you want.

Key features

  • Build bespoke integrations with SuperOffice CRM and other solutions or customize any of the standard apps that allow for such customizations.
  • Get access to the customization tools for Service, including extra tables and scripts.
  • Get access to the APIs and support documentation that can help you or your partner to get the optimal customization that works with your SuperOffice CRM solution.
  • Get access to the SuperOffice CRM developers environment with your own test-installation allowing you to explore, develop and test your customization.
  • A validation service that checks and ensures that integrations to other systems does not impede performance or raises any security questions for you or any other of our customers.

Note: All Custom Apps are checked and approved by SuperOffice Operations before they can be activated in our production environment.

Price information

The following price is per month and based on a yearly subscription:


  • € 71,23 per site per month.

In addition to the EURO, prices are available in NOK, SEK, DKK, GBP, and CHF.

By registering an app and requesting publish to stage/production via the developer portal, you are in effect ordering this subscription.
If you do not already subscribe to Development Tools, this will be added to your current subscription plan and invoiced by your local SuperOffice company. You may also contact your local SuperOffice sales contact to order your subscription for this add-on service. Once you are subscribing to Development Tools, you can register as many Custom Apps to your solution as you require with no additional cost.

Terms & Conditions

SuperOffice CRM Plan

  • All user plans.

Getting started

  1. Click the green button to get started.
  2. You will receive more information about how to use the SDK and login to our developer portal.

Note: In doing so, you are automatically adding Development tools to your subscription plans. If you want to explore more before you order Expander Services toolbox and get your custom app ID and token, visit our Developers Community and find out more about developing custom apps.

System Requirements

  • A subscription to the SuperOffice Development Tools.
  • Use of the unique client ID and secret to identify your Custom App and perform authorization and API calls.
  • Request publish of your Custom App to make it available to you live.
  • Provide necessary information about your customization to our Online Operations team.

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