SuperOffice App Store

Frequently asked questions

What is the App Store?

The App store is a great place to connect and integrate with tools that you use every day. We’ve created a few of these apps ourselves and there are also a lot of apps created by our partners. All the apps are built on SuperOffice API’s and meet our requirements for security and performance.

You can search, investigate, and sometimes even try some of the apps before you buy.

How does the App Store work?

The App store contains a lot of your favorite services that you probably already use today and even some new ones that you haven’t started to use yet. Feel free to browse through the list and click on the ones that interest you.

When you find one that you’re interested in, just click on the “Get it” button and you’ll be re-directed to our partner’s web shop. Make sure to get your administrator to approve the app after the purchase so that it will link with your SuperOffice CRM Online solution.

Where can I find more information about a particular app?

Browse through the library of apps and click on the one you’re interested in and you’ll be re-directed to another page with more information. If you still have questions, either gives us a call or you can also contact the app vendor directly.

How do I install an app?

  How do I install an app from SuperOffice?
  • If the app is a SuperOffice app and it is free, you are directed to where you can download with instructions on how to use the app.
  • If the app is payable, you will be directed to our webshop and you can order or download your app directly. Otherwise, you can also speak to a sales consultant who will be happy to help you.
  How do I install an app from a SuperOffice partner?
  • If the app is provided by a partner, you will be directed to their webshop where you will find more information about the app, pricing and terms and conditions and how you can enter an agreement with the partner. Whether free or payable, once you have agreed to their terms, you simply follow their instructions for getting the app up and running with your service.
  • In some cases, where the app offers a link to another payable service, you need either to be an existing customer of that other service, or become one. For example if you want an app that links SuperOffice to an online financial system or other cloud service.

Do I have to grant access to the CRM Online solution before I can use an app?

Yes, someone with administrator rights to your SuperOffice CRM Online solution will have to grant access in order for you to be able to use the app.

How do I uninstall an app?

It can vary from app to app. In most cases, you can just go to the Settings & Maintenance panel in SuperOffice or in the same panel in the App Store and click on the uninstall button. You may have to be an administrator to finalize the un-installment of an app, especially if it affects other users. If you have questions about it, please contact the app vendor support.

What does Beta mean?

Beta means that an app is still in the testing phase. All new apps are first published in a Beta program. You can read more about the Beta Agreement here. During the Beta period, dependent upon the app, you might need some help to set it up. We’re happy to answer any questions and also to hear your feedback with regards to the app. Please note that during the Beta period, there may be times when the app is stopped or paused to improve the service.

Remember, that if you are using this app to link SuperOffice to another payable cloud service, you will have to have an active subscription to that other service. It is only the app itself that is free of charge during the Beta period.

Can I create my own app to be included in the store?

Yes, it is possible to customize an integration or your own solution! You can buy the Custom App and subscribe to the Expander Services and either create the customization or get a partner to do it on your behalf.

The Custom App contains the web-service APIs and a unique key that you need for a customization of your solution. Like any app for the store, your customization needs to meet the requirements for security, performance and use of the APIs. If you want to customize an existing app available in the store, you also need to contact the vendor of this app and make an agreement with them in order to proceed.

See more information about how to develop an app in our Developers Community if you are interested in this approach.