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Documendo Quote

Re-think the way you create quotes in SuperOffice.

About this app

Documendo offers a flexible quoting solution, accelerating your sales team's efficiency while delivering quotes for clients that looks amazing.

And with Documendo Quote you can do all this from within the SuperOffice Sale you are working on.

Documendo Quote can easily be configured to support all your quoting needs for basic/standard product quotes to contracts, subscription agreements and even advanced product configurations.

When you have completed the quote, you can send it to your customer for digital signature with a few clicks and the Sale in SuperOffice will be updated with the precise amount, date, and status (even signing status) to make sure your pipeline is correct.

Make life easier for your sales team by streamlining the quote workflow while presenting beautiful quotes to your customers.

Key features

  • Build more advanced and/or streamlined quotes with Documendo.
  • Documendo Quote is available in the Sales side- or web panel to keep you inside the SuperOffice interface.
  • Once the quote is done the amount, date, status, etc., are updated into the SuperOffice Sale.
  • Use digital signature to get a quick accept from the customer.
  • Documendo helps you configure the quote process to make it as fast and accurate as possible for your sales reps.
  • Documendo is great for basic/product quotes, contracts, subscription agreements, advanced product configurations and much more.
  • Documendo is great for quoting on tablets.
  • Use SuperOffice Dashboards and Selections to monitor each sales quote and signing state.
  • Send a quote for signing with Documendo Sign with a click of a button.

Price information


  • Up to 10 users = € 360 per month.
  • Between 11–20 users: € 26.70 per user / month.
  • Between 21-30 users: € 22.70 per user / month.
  • Between 31-40 users: € 18.70 per user / month.
  • Between 41-50 users: € 16.80 per user / month.
  • Between 51-90 users: € 15.00 per user / month.
  • Between 91-100 users: € 12.10 per user / month.

More than 100 user? Let's talk! Contact our friendly sales team.

A minimum of 10 user licenses must be purchased.

On top of the monthly costs, there is a one-time startup fee of € 2,000. In addition to EUR, prices are available in NOK, SEK, and DKK.

Consultancy Services (OPTIONAL)

Basic configuration for user-defined fields and lists in SuperOffice CRM is automatically done by the installation.

NB. The need for consultancy is very dependent on your needs for different quote workflows.

Please contact Documendo to get a good idea of this cost.

Terms & Conditions

  • The subscription price includes Documendo subscription and the Documendo Quote app.
  • The subscription price covers hotline and maintenance for the SuperOffice CRM integration alone and it depends on the number of Documendo users.
  • See the terms of service for more information.

SuperOffice CRM Plan

  • Sales premium plan.

Getting started

  1. Click the green button to get started.
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. Confirm that you allow "Siteshop Integration Cloud" to access your SuperOffice CRM Online account.
  4. Configure fields and forms according to provided guide.

System Requirements

  • One available user defined field on the sales entity.

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