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Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden


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Byggefakta SMART

Integrate the  biggest Nordics project database with SuperOffice CRM and increase your sales.

About this app

The SMART project database from Byggefakta gives you access to all public procurements and tendering processes and private construction projects in all Nordic countries.

With pristine data from SMART you get an unrivaled insight into your market as well as access to those companies and projects you wish to aim your sales for. The integration automates time-consuming manual procedures and adds valuable data to SuperOffice CRM in very great detail on every project.

With information like starting and end dates of a project and the construction site’s geography, estimated value, square footage, project type, stage, etc., it is possible to assign the projects to the right salespeople in SuperOffice CRM quickly. This way, you can do precise segmentation for campaigns and time and coordinate your sales effort generally.

Key features

  • Transfer selected construction projects from Byggefakta SMART seamlessly to SuperOffice CRM.
  • Automatically create projects, sales, companies, contacts, and project members in SuperOffice CRM.
  • Enrich your SuperOffice CRM with relevant project details from ByggeFakta SMART (start date of build, geography, value, category, status, etc.).
  • Immediate duplicate checks before any imports of company and contacts in SuperOffice CRM.
  • AutoUpdate Projects and Sales in SuperOffice CRM from Byggefakta Live.

What’s new

  • Compatible with the new Byggefakta SMART platform.
  • Support for both manual and automatic data flows.
  • New improved AutoUpdate engine keeps your SuperOffice CRM fresh.
  • The new "SMART" panel gives you an excellent overview of the current project and allows you to select the companies and contact you wish to import.
  • Improved match features for connecting new companies and contacts with existing data from SuperOffice CRM.
  • A number of new default values have been added to the settings.

Price information

The following price is per month, based on a yearly subscription and the number of SuperOffice CRM users:


  • Between 1-10 users: € 125 per site per month.
  • Between 11-30 users: € 190 per site per month.
  • Between 31-50 users: € 285 per site per month.
  • Between 31-100 users: € 385 per site per month.

On top of the monthly costs, there is a one-time startup fee of € 675. In addition to the EURO, prices are available in NOK, SEK, and DKK.

More than 100 SuperOffice CRM users? Let’s talk. Contact our friendly sales team.

Consultancy services are available for product training and configuration. Contact the vendor or your SuperOffice CRM implementation partner.

Terms & Conditions

  • The subscription price covers hotline and maintenance for the SuperOffice integration alone and it depends on the expected traffic generated by number of SuperOffice users.
  • See the subscription agreement for more information.

SuperOffice CRM Plan

  • All user plans.

Getting started

  1. Click the green button to get started.
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. Confirm that you allow “Siteshop Information Studio” (this app) to access your SuperOffice CRM Online account.

System Requirements

  • An active ByggeFakta SMART subscription with API enabled.
  • At least one available MorePage field for the SuperOffice CRM project, company, sales and contact card.

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