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inOrder for SuperOffice

Create orders on the go and ensure that all order information automatically is updated in SuperOffice CRM.

About this app

Salespeople use SuperOffice CRM to support their sales processes. Why force them to learn and use your ERP system just to create quotes? The InOrder app allows your sales team to create offers and orders in InOrder that will automatically be stored in both your ERP and CRM systems. InOrder lets you go through the entire order process securely on your Windows 10 computer, iPad or Android tablet.

Since Inorder is integrated with your ERP system, where your product and price catalogs live, it ensures you the latest and correct product details, discounts, and prices. When a quotation becomes an order, you place the order in InOrder, and the information is automatically sent back to ERP for invoicing and SuperOffice CRM as a sale with status sold.

Key features

  • Create SuperOffice CRM Quotes.
  • Create documents in SuperOffice CRM.
  • Search for SuperOffice CRM contacts in InOrder.
  • Search for SuperOffice CRM projects in InOrder.

Price information

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Terms & Conditions

SuperOffice CRM Plan

  • All user plans.

Getting started

  1. Click the green button to get started.
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. Follow the instructions of the provisioning website.

System Requirements

  • This app requires Keyforce Sync Connector to your ERP system.
  • To use this app, you need to have an active subscription to inOrder and to have downloaded the client on your tablet.
  • The app (connector) is hosted onsite in a windows service using Azure Service Bus Relay for communication with Keyforce online environment.
  • Supported ERP systems:, Visma Business, Visma Global, Visma Administration, Visma eAccounting, Visma Mamut, Microsoft, Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Tripletex, PowerOffice, 24SevenOffice, Fortnox, Azets, Unit 4 ERP, Uni Micro, Zirius , View Production, Monitor.

Many companies choose to integrate the inOrder app together with their ERP system, which is included in the price for the module. It is however possible to use the inOrder app as a stand-alone and create a product price list inside the inOrder app instead.

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