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Want more prospects? Tired of manually punching in contact? Then this is the app you are looking for!

About this app

The traditional prospecting methods often lead to inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and frustration. Businesses drown in a mountain of data, needing help to pinpoint suitable leads that align with their goals. FindProspects is a tool that helps businesses discover and connect with potential customers.

With FindProspects, you can access companies and individuals in Scandinavia and create new prospects in SuperOffice CRM. It will enhance your customer relationship management strategy by providing a seamless and efficient solution to finding prospects.

A simple click allows you to transfer the identified leads into SuperOffice CRM.

Together with SuperOffice CRM, customers will find that FindProspects becomes their tool to discover prospects. This app will save you time and improve your data quality by allowing you to import prospects in bulk easily.

Key features

  • Import companies, private individuals, contacts without company association.
  • Norwegian data includes CEOs and board members.
  • Duplication monitor – you'll get a notification if you're attempting to import an - existing prospect.
  • Bulk import companies into selections.
  • Improved display of all custom fields before importing a company.
  • Adjust the width and sort the columns for the search results.
  • Update existing company cards with new information.
  • Configure the SuperOffice CRM fields to control which data is imported.
  • The user experience of the "Duplicate Monitor" feature has improved.

Price information

The following price is per month and based on a yearly subscription:


  • NOK 49 per user per month.

Prices are only available in NOK. See the price in more detail.


Consultancy services are available for product training and configuration. Contact the vendor or your SuperOffice CRM implementation partner.

Terms & Conditions

SuperOffice CRM Plan

  • All user plans.

Getting started

  1. Click the green button to get started.
  2. Follow the online instructions and use your SuperOffice CRM Admin credentials to approve the app within your SuperOffice CRM environment.
  3. A new button will appear in your SuperOffice CRM.
  4. Click and start searching for new business opportunities!

System Requirements

  • There are no specific system requirements.

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