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Amesto PowerBI for SuperOffice

Amesto PowerBI for SuperOffice is a connector that enables you to get your data from SuperOffice CRM and visualize them in Microsoft PowerBI.

About this app

Amesto PowerBI for SuperOffice is a connector for SuperOffice CRM that enables you to analyze and visualize data stored in your SuperOffice CRM via Microsoft Power BI.

By using the connector, you can connect your CRM data to a data management system (like Fabric for example) and combine the data with data from other applications or sources.

With Amesto PowerBI for SuperOffice, you get a model for creating reports and a package consisting of six standard reports. The report package can be used directly without any adjustments, or changes as you desire with the assistance from one of Amesto’s Insight consultants. You can easily create entirely new customer-specific reports with the report modeling tool.

The standard reports are;

  • The "Startpage" report provides a comprehensive overview.
  • The "Salesperson" report compares the activity budget with current agreements.
  • The "Manager" report shows the same number as the sales overview but across multiple people.
  • The "Contacts" report shows all active contacts within a given date.
  • The "Tickets" report provides a graphical overview of all tickets.
  • The "GDPR" report is used to check on customers without any activity within 365 days.

All reports can be customized as desired, just as it is possible to prepare additional reports yourself.

Try it free for 14 days; no commitment is required.

Key features

  • Flexible analysis tool based on Microsoft Power BI.
  • Combine data from multiple systems.
  • Standard report package with many reports.
  • Intuitively visualize key figures.
  • Quick and easy customization without any special programming.
  • Reports can be shown in SuperOffiice.

What’s new

Amesto PowerBi for Superoffice is a further development of the Amesto Insight app.

Price information

The following price is per month based on a yearly subscription:


  • € 230 per site per month.

In addition to the EURO, prices are available in NOK, SEK, and DKK. See all prices in more detail.


Consultancy services are available for product training and configuration. Contact the vendor or your SuperOffice CRM partner.

Terms & Conditions

  • Try it free for 14 days; no commitment required.
  • Pricing includes mirrored SuperOffice database on Microsoft Azure, 2 GB storage, and 5 DTU's. If you need additional storage sizes or DTU's, the price will increase accordingly.
  • See the subscription agreement for more information.

SuperOffice CRM Plan

  • All user plans.

Getting started

  1. Click the green button to get started.
  2. Choose to buy immediately or try it for free for a limited period.
  3. Follow the online instructions and use your SuperOffice CRM admin credentials to approve the app within your SuperOffice CRM environment.
  4. Please wait for the admin page to load; it can take some time the first time.
  5. Click on the ‘Download Power BI PBIX Template’ link, and you will get a zip file that includes the complete installation Guide.

System Requirements

  • Active Microsoft Power BI subscription.
  • Power BI Pro license is required for customizing, publishing, or sharing dashboards.

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